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Beautiful wedding on the beach at the famous restaurants in Nha Trang

Beautiful wedding on the beach at the famous restaurants in Nha Trang


Marriage is the most sacred and beautiful moment of every person, it marks maturity and moves to a new page of life. Everyone wishes for a beautiful and eternal love with their loved ones. So the wedding is a perfect ending to a beautiful love.
Any girl who wishes to wear a gorgeous wedding gown and shoulder to shoulder with the man of her life, choosing a great place to mark the anniversary is very important.

A place that is beautiful, romantic, cozy and reasonable cost to ensure a luxury wedding but not too expensive is the choice of many couples. Many young people want to organize wedding abroad, in famous places but the cost is worrying, so why not choose a place in Nha Trang to hold your wedding? A beautiful wedding is held on the beautiful beach, an outdoor romantic party with the sound of the sea waves. This will be a great memory that you will never forget and will be the wonderful love story you want to tell your children later.

You do not have to spend too much for a wedding abroad, you can still have a romantic wedding in the European style with wedding in the hall or outdoors held in the famous resort in Nha Trang as Diamond Resort, Hon Tam Resort, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay … or luxury restaurants in Nha Trang such as Novotel, Sheraton and Sunrise … with professional staff will arrange from decoration up to the wedding ceremony requested by the customer to bring a century wedding ceremony for you.

The usual wedding meal consists of seven dishes and each table consists of 10 people. Each meal costs an average of 260,000 to more than 300,000VND depending on the level of the dish or buffet service depending on the requirements of bride and groom. Moreover, the resorts and restaurants in Nha Trang are always accompanied by many incentives for young couples to use the wedding services in the restaurant such as massage coupons, wedding bedrooms or breakfast buffet for two people.

A few reference information: 


Capacity: 500 guest

Price per table: VND 5,000,000

Telephone: 0258 388 7777

Sheraton Nha Trang

Capacity: 600 guest

Price per table: VND 3,888,000

Telephone: 0258 388 0000

Best Western Havana

Capacity: 800 guest

Price per table: VND 3,200,000

Telephone: 0258 388 9999

Novotel Nha Trang

Capacity: 120 guest

Price per table: VND 3,500,000

Telephone: 0258 625 6900

Sunrise Nha Trang

Capacity: 300 guest

Price per table: VND 3,900,000

Telephone: 0258 382 0999

Website: sunriesnhatrang.com

Ana Madara

Capacity: 100 guest

Price per table: VND 10,560,000

Telephone: 0258 352 2222


Capacity: 500 guest

Price per table: VND 3,900,000

Telephone: 0258 355 3333


Capacity: 600 guest

Price per table: VND 2,300,000

Telephone: 0258 3820 820

Champa Island

Capacity: 1000 guest

Price per table: VND 2,200,000

Telephone: 0123 6009 777

Certainly you will be satisfied with the wedding services at famous restaurants in the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Wish you always happy!!!

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